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A wide selection of A+E footage and images can now be licensed via Shutterstock.

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to view all available content.

If you are interested in licensing A+E content not found on Shutterstock, please continue to use the A+E Select website and complete an online request form.

This may include footage of A+E celebrity talent, a text excerpt from, clips from one of our YouTube shorts, or a variety of other content. We look forward to assisting with your request.

Who We Are A+E Networks® is a collection of culture brands that includes A&E®, History®, Lifetime®, LMN™, FYI™, Vice TV and BIOGRAPHY®. At A+E, we believe there's a better way to tell a story; a richer, more historical, award-winning way. We're obsessively passionate about helping our clients achieve the same story-telling success by providing the best (Select) parts of A+E Networks program materials cleared for all media uses at a budget-friendly cost.
What We Do A+E Select is a permissions and licensing request portal supported by the Global Rights team. We have multi-decade media industry experience at curating and licensing select A+E Networks materials that will enhance the telling of your story.
What We Offer For producers, museums, educators, and others, we can provide:
  • Reenactments: Footage with re-enactors giving a "you are there" feel
  • Interviews: Commentary and perspective on many subjects
  • Locations: Footage that may be hard to shoot otherwise
  • Animated video that better explains a point
  • And much more
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